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Study at your own pace, avoid membership fees, and start profiting from your passion! Rejuvia Travel School offers an online Travel Agent certification that you earn on your own terms.

How Our Online Travel Agent Course Works

Course progress will be measured by online quizzes, assignments, and a final project. To graduate as a certified travel agent, students must maintain an average grade of 80%.

Most students complete the course in around 4 months. You will have access to all chapters and resources for the remainder of the year, even if you complete the course ahead of schedule.

Your certificate of achievement will show travel industry employers you have the skills necessary for entry-level positions.

What Will You Learn?

Chapter 1 - Why Become a Travel Agent?

A career in the travel industry offers many possible career paths. Chapter 1 will focus on the value of becoming a travel agent, the type of people that pursue travel careers, and the many areas of specialization that are possible within the industry.

Chapter 2 - Building Blocks of the Travel Industry

In this chapter, you will learn about the building blocks of the travel industry. How will you get your clients where they’re going? How will you inform them of what they can do once they’ve arrived?

Chapter 3 - Travel Consultants – Vacation Specialists

This chapter will guide you through getting started, offering information about how to manage your clients, plan their dream travels, and be the best, most informed travel agent you can be in planning vacation packages and cruise vacations.

Chapter 4 - Popular Vacation Destinations

This chapter will provide an overview of popular vacation destinations to help you begin to educate yourself about these travel hotspots. Learn how to guide your clients to the destination that is right for them.

Chapter 5 - Specializations

Imagine that you're the one who planned the perfect moments. Through this chapter, learn how to forge lifelong bonds through specializing in areas like honeymoon and destination weddings, family travel, and Disney vacations.

Chapter 6 - Corporate Travel Specialists

This chapter provides an overview of the corporate travel agent’s duties and responsibilities. Learn what a corporate travel specialist does, as well as how and why. Get a feel for this specific field of specialization.

Chapter 7 - Show Me (Us) the Money!

In this chapter you will learn the basics of generating income, commission structures and payment timelines, and customer payments. Most importantly, you will learn how travel agents are compensated for their work.

Chapter 8 - Sales, Customer Service and Relationships

In this chapter, you’ll understand how important customer relations are. A travel agent who wants to attract clientele through referrals and word of mouth will need to focus on customer service skills and relationship building.

Chapter 9 - Travel Insurance

In this chapter, we’ll answer the following questions: What is travel insurance and what does it cover? Why is travel insurance good for the client, and for the travel agent? When should travel insurance be sold, and who sells it?

Chapter 10 - Passports and Visas

In this chapter, you’ll learn about passports and visas, where and how to obtain and renew them, when they are required, and everything else necessary to help your clients travel abroad with proper documentation.

Chapter 11 - Avoiding Fraud and Scams

This chapter will provide an overview of the most common types of travel industry–related fraud and offer pointers to ferret them out and avoid them. Understanding scams is one of the most important aspects of the job.

Chapter 12 - Travel Agent Benefits

This chapter will provide an overview of the different types of travel agent benefits; how and when they can and should be used; and the expectations of you as a traveler and as a professional in the travel industry.

Chapter 13 - How to Find Customers and Grow Into a Superstar Agent

It’s time to learn how to find customers and grow into a superstar travel agent. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s hit the ground running! Learn how to turn your interest into a profitable passion.

Chapter 14 - I’ve Learned a Lot. Now What?

This chapter will help you outline our first steps on the path to making a sale including sample forms, example email templates and timeline booking timeline cheat sheet.

Chapter 15 - Final Project

In this chapter, you’ll find some reminders and tips to help you become the best travel agent you can be, followed by one final assignment to prepare you to embark on your new journey.

Career Benefits

Adventure for a living. Embark on discounted cruises with a companion of your choice, and accumulate free tropical resort stays as you meet sales goals.

Enjoy a career with a flexible work schedule. Work part-time, or full-time, from home, or at the office. The choice is yours.

Profit from your passion. Make money while helping your clients plan their dream vacation in a career that you love.

Why Choose Rejuvia Travel School?

Rejuvia is an online travel agent school owned by Ambassador Travel. Our experienced professionals have been training travel agents since 1985 and helping travelers plan vacations since 1973.

We offer exceptional, one-on-one assistance throughout your educational journey and will offer career placement assistance after graduation.

Enjoy a free cruise upon completion. This is your first travel benefit/familiarization trip as a travel agent where you will start seeing things through the eyes of a customer.

Cost Comparison

The complete value of Rejuvia Travel School tuition and fees totals $1,598. There is a $300 Registration Fee and $199 Curriculum Fee due at the time of enrollment ($499 total). For our students convenience, recurring monthly payments are processed with Stripe, a secure online payment processor. Learn more about our refund policy here.

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