Travel Agency Training Referral Program

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Train your agency’s staff and prospective students by referring them to Rejuvia Travel School’s exclusive training program.
If you are in the travel business, let us assist you in developing trained consultants. We will do all of the leg work, assist with enrollment, train them and prepare them to enter the workforce. Then you will have the opportunity to hire these individuals upon completion of the program.

Benefits to using Rejuvia Travel School:

By training eager students, the agency knows each student very well and can “cherry pick” those who would be the best employees for their travel agency.
Agency may choose to hire the best students as employees or as full-time or part-time outside agents, thereby increasing their sales force and subsequent revenues.
Agency earns a referral fee for very little effort.
Offering a travel school referral gives your agency a level of prestige that can be leveraged in your community to show your agency’s expertise and knowledge in the travel industry.
By completing Rejuvia Travel School, the referring agency management knows that the graduate is dedicated to the industry, has a strong knowledge of industry practices, has a strong work ethic and is more likely to want to grow as a travel consultant for your agency.
Agency will fill a need to train many eager people wanting to become travel agents.

How the Rejuvia Travel School's Flex-Study Program Works

The travel agency refers prospective students directly to Rejuvia Travel School’s™ online study program.

In order to increase the referring agency’s sales force of travel agents, the agency may promote the travel school by whatever advertising/promotional means they feel most comfortable. They may advertise the travel school by using social media promotions, website banners, office flyers, trade show flyers or traditional advertising media. Rejuvia Travel School has an assortment of ready-to-use advertising that can be tailored to your agency’s needs.

For each student that the travel agency refers to Rejuvia Travel School’s home study correspondence program, the agency will receive a $100 referral fee. Also, the travel agency will have exclusive rights to hire/host the student for one year.