Rejuvia Staff

Ryan Scheidler

Ryan came to Rejuvia Travel School¬†through an unlikely avenue – the banking industry. He worked for many years as a commercial lender with companies of varying sizes in many different industries. Today Ryan works on special projects with Rejuvia’s parent company, Ambassador Travel, to ensure the company retains its leadership role in the travel industry. See Ryan’s full biography below.
  1. 8 years experience as Asst. V.P. in commercial banking
  2. Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Indiana University.
  3. (MBA) from the University of Southern Indiana.

Ambassador Travel is one of the largest travel agencies in the Midwest and is ranked in the top 10% of agencies the country. Ambassador is comprised of four divisions: Corporate Travel Management, Leisure, Magellan (interline vacation sales to airline employees) and Rejuvia Travel School.

Ambassador has vacation specialists in European, Asian, Luxury, Honeymoon, Caribbean and cruise travel. The corporate department also works with over 75 companies and millions of dollars in corporate travel to ensure that customers maximize their travel budget. Ambassador is recognized for consistently reducing corporate travel cost and offering superior customer service.

Ryan works closely with the vacation department, corporate division, and Magellan Interline Vacations division to make certain the company offers our customers the best vacation experience at the best value.

While growing up, Ryan was fortunate to travel extensively with his parents and sister. Now Ryan and his wife enjoy taking their own children to explore new regions and countries, every chance they get. Ryan has visited more than a dozen countries, but most enjoys the culture of Italy, the beaches & relaxation of St. Thomas, and the history of the U.S. east coast.