Rejuvia Staff

Angie Tincher

Angie has over 15 years of sales and marketing experience and joined the Rejuvia team in 2015 as the Marketing & Travel School Manager. Read Angie’s full biography below.
  1. Marketing & Travel School Manager
  2. Travel School Enrollment Specialist
  3. Bachelors of Science in Communications
  4. Minor in Business Administration

Angie earned her Degree from the University of Southern Indiana and has enjoyed many fun and exciting vacations! She has spent several years in downtown Atlanta ringing in the New Year, celebrated many 4th of July holidays in Colorado, spent Halloween in New Orleans, and taken lots of road trips seeing concerts, camping and just enjoying life. She and her husband also took a trip to California where they ate a lot of great food, camped and hiked in Yosemite National Park, drove A-1 to see the beautiful coast and made a pit stop to San Francisco.

To continue with their tradition of traveling to new places, Angie and her then boyfriend planned a big road trip out west. They started heading north and went to see Mt. Rushmore. Drove over to Yellowstone National Park where they got engaged while sitting by Yellowstone Lake. They stayed several nights in the park, and then drove south through the Grand Tetons, and down into Rocky Mountain National Park.

About a year later, they got married, and headed to Maui for their honeymoon! Angie and her husband have also cruised to the Caribbean, and visited many other fantastic destinations such as New York City, St. Augustine FL, Connecticut, Gatlinburg, and many trips to Disney!