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You have up to a full year to complete the coursework so you can progress through the course at your own pace. We provide open enrollment, meaning you can start the class at anytime.

Course Overview
Chapter 1 – Why Become a Travel Agent?
Why Become a Travel Agent?
Who Are Travel Agents?
Travel Agent Specialization and Your Future
Chapter 2 – Building Blocks of the Travel Industry
Global Distribution Systems
Packaging Vacation Components
Chapter 3 – Travel Consultants – Vacation Specialists
Planning Dreams and Making Memories
Vacation Packages
Cruise Vacations
Chapter 4 – Popular Vacation Destinations
Destination Education
Sun and Sand (Caribbean and Mexican Resorts)
Sun and Surf (Caribbean, Alaskan, and River Cruises)
Apple Pie (USA)
Shepherd’s Pie (Europe)
AAAAA (Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, and South and Central America)
Chapter 5 – Specializations
Honeymoons and Destination Weddings
Family Travel or Disney Specialist
International Travel
Group Travel
Other Options
Chapter 6 – Corporate Travel Specialists
Chapter 7 – Show Me (Us) the Money!
How Do Travel Agencies Make Money?
Service Fees and Consulting Fees
Group Incentives
When Will Travel Providers Pay Commissions?
How Customers Pay for Travel
So, How Are Travel Agents Paid?
Chapter 8 – Sales, Customer Service and Relationships
Finding Customers
Closing the Sale
Maximizing Income and Covering the Extras for Travelers
Know Your Customers
Chapter 9 – Travel Insurance
What is travel insurance and what does it cover?
Why is travel insurance good for the client, and for the travel agent?
When should travel insurance be sold?
Who sells travel insurance?
What else do you need to know about travel insurance?
Chapter 10 – Passports and Visas
What is a Passport?
What is a Passport Card?
Passport Denial
What is a Visa?
Bon Voyage!
Chapter 11 – Avoiding Fraud and Scams
GDS Scams
E-Mail Scams
Credit Card Scams
Travel Agent Card Mills
Too Good to Be True? Probably.
Chapter 12 – Travel Agent Benefits
Travel Agent Rates, Discounts, and Perks
Familiarization Trips
Travel Agent Qualifications: Special Rates and Discounts
Perks from Vacation Venders
Chapter 13 – How to Find Customers and Grow Into a Superstar Agent
Getting Started
Utilize the Best Systems
Network with Your Existing Contacts
Get Involved
Never Stop Learning
Attend Industry Events
Words of Wisdom
Chapter 14 – I’ve Learned a Lot. Now What?
Getting Started
Sample Forms
Chapter 15 – Final Project
Helpful Hints
How to Qualify a Client
Practical Assignment

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