Meet Our Students

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A Stay-at-Home Mom

One of our Travel Consultants, Jill P., is a recent graduate of the Rejuvia Travel School. She is also a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge program. She worked in the corporate world for 12 years before deciding to quit and stay home to raise her girls. She has always loved to travel! In fact, growing up, her mom made sure they had a family vacation every year, and Jill and her husband now carry on that tradition with their family. After planning several trips for her family and friends, she decided to join the travel industry and work part-time as a Travel Consultant!

Someone looking for a full-time career...

Kristie S. attended the University of Southern Indiana and earned a degree in public relations. Her love of working with people and her fascination of seeing the world caused her to combine those two passions and enroll in Travel School. Upon her graduation in 2003, she immediately kicked off her career as a vacation consultant. She loves gaining knowledge of different vacation destinations and the “hot spots” for honeymooners and families. Kristie is certified as a Sandals and Beaches specialist and planned her own destination wedding and honeymoon in Jamaica.

A retired engineer looking for part-time work, and some travel benefits...

Patty C. graduated from F. J. Reitz High School, and hold degrees from Purdue University in industrial Technology and the University of Southern Indiana in Industrial Management, and she also graduated from Rejuvia Travel School. She worked in the corporate world, and upon retirement she wanted to join the world of travel on a part-time basis to enjoy some travel benefits. She is also a Certified Sandals Specialist, a Princess Cruises commodore, and a graduate of Disney’s College of Knowledge. One of her favorite destinations is Maui, and she makes annual trips to Hawaii!

Completing the travel school allowed me to find a flexible career with travel opportunities. I could not imaging jumping into this career without the training that I received. The instructors are very knowledgeable and the curriculum covers all aspects of the travel industry.

Krista S. - Travel School Graduate